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Triumphuant Return of NBA Jam

The holiday season is upon us and video game publishers have begun to make their last attempt to claim the hearts and minds of gamers around the world. EA Sports latest entry reflects the sentiment that, "everything old is new again". With NBA Jam, EA Sports hope to win back some the scorned fans of their NBA Elite series who had to deal with a canceled game this year, in doing so they admirably resurrect one gaming's most beloved sports franchises.

NBA Jam was to be released only as a stand alone title for the Nintendo Wii but after fans clamored that the title be released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, EA Sports relented and it's a good thing they did. For the review I had gotten my hands on a retail copy of the Wii version which proved to be the most unique one out of the bunch. NBA 2k18 unlimited vc is needed by every professional player to play smoothly with virtual goods (like uniforms and equipment).



As with most Wii titles the focus of game is to use the Wiimote in an effort get us moving but as a gamer from the days of yore I only feel comfortable with a controller that let's me press some buttons and doesn't require me to move so I opted to use the classic controller. The controller's layout it very similar to the one that I used to yield when playing this release on the Super Nintendo which made it feel like old times.

And for the most part this is the allure of NBA Jam. Game mechanics remain relatively unchanged over the years the most glaring change would be the partnerships that man the court, long gone are the Stockton and Malones, but they haven't gone to far as players are able to unlock a bevy of the teams from the original game. Games are quick and relatively easy to play especially among friends. This has always been a weakness of the series as there is only so much one can unlock before yearning for some trash talk between a buddy as they rain threes on their team.



EA has also looked to increase the replay value to keep gamers hooked on the game by introducing the remix tour with a variety of modes that mimic school yard favorites like 21 and elimination. Each mode allows a player to play with the computer to give them a hang before challenging their friends.

Overall EA has scored big in the face of disaster by allowing gamers a trip down memory lane. NBA Jam is a quick and easy basketball game that will score when friends together but falls short by requiring gamers to play an seemingly endless amount of games to unlock their favorite old school players.

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